Flat Carbon Steel Products Flat carbon steel products It includes Hot Rolled Coils | Cold Rolled Coils | Electo Galvanized Coils | Galvanized Coils | Pre Painted Coils | Electrolytic Tin Plate and other products. VIEW DETAILS Cold rolled steel coil Long Carbon Steel Products Long Carbon Steel Products It includes Round Bars & Tubes | Flat Bars & Tubes | Square Bars & Tubes | Flat-Oval Bars & Tubes | Hexagonal Bars & Tubes | Octagonal Bars & Tubes | Rebars VIEW DETAILS Long Steel Products Metal Scrap Products Metal Scrap Products We deal in all kinds of Ferrous and Non Ferrous scrap products like HMS 1&2 | Tense | Trump | Extrusion | Shredded | VIEW DETAILS Metal Steel Scrap Stainless Steel Products Stainless Steel Products We deal in all kinds of stainless steel products which includes 200 Series | 300 Series | 400 Series | Stainless Steel Coils | Stainless Steel Bars | Stainess Steel Pipes and Hollow Sections VIEW DETAILS Stainless Steel Bars Coils Sections Wood & Timber Products Wood & Timber Products We deal in all kinds of Wood and Timer products directly from the African and South America which includes both Hard and Soft woods like Teak | Tully | Azobe | Bilinga | Iroko | Teak | Doussie | Ebony | Maobi | Ironwood | Mahogany | Rosewood | Sapele and many more. VIEW DETAILS Wood and Timber from Africa South America
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